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Documentation :: TOFFEE Data-Center WAN Optimization deployment in Big Data Analytics

Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 11-Dec-2017

Big Data Analytics as we know is a new trend in the technology industry, where it is getting deployed across the industries. The information collected can then be fed into knowledge analysis platforms such as AI, and so on where the existing system can be analyzed real-time and can be improved time to time after each subsequent iteration of learning cycle.

Here are some of the industries(and sectors) where Big data analytics is fueling innovation:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Green Energy - offshore Solar and Wind farms
  • Environment Studies - marine ecology, forest and wildlife
  • Automotive Industry
  • Urban Vertical Farming - 95% less water, half the fertilizer and 0% pesticides - a new way to grow local produce in cities

The Real Challenge!
The data monitored across these platforms can be fed into central data-center upon which big data analytics can be performed in real-time. But the challenge is often the data where it is being produced (data source) is situated at offshore remote sites. And this is the real challenge.

Big Data Analytics - data source vs data-center connectivity - the real challenge [CDN]

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Addressing the same via TOFFEE DataCenter platform:
This data produced this way is quite unique and discrete unlike a traditional TCP session based data (such as user browsing data). TOFFEE is specifically architected keeping this aspect in mind so that it can optimize wide variety of use-cases unlike a simple traditional outdated WAN Optimization approach.

TOFFEE DataCenter WAN Optimiation - Big Data Analytics

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