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Student Profile :: Ramin Farajpour Cami

Country: Iran

Social Media: LinkedinGithub

Summary: Windows system programming, Linux system programming, Senior Cyber Security Researcher, EDG (Engineering Development Group) of CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence).


  • Programming Language: Python, C, Go, Ruby, C#, Assembly, PHP
  • Web Development: Django Framework, Restframework, Flask Framework, Ruby On Rails
  • ORMs: django ORM, SQLAlchemy ORM, Active Record
  • My web framework: Hobit (PHP web framework ), Bleta (Go web framework)
  • Kernel: Linux kernel/device development
  • Source control: Git, TFS
  • Security researcher (Web application vulnerability, Open source software vulnerability)
  • Debugger (GDB, IDA)

Certifications: Network+, CCNA, Windows (MCITP), LINUX (RHCSA , RHCE , Debian)

Operating System: Linux (Debian , RedHat, Fedora my favourite for kernel development), Windows

Security And Hacking skills: CEH, PWB, PWK, Network Security, Web Application Security, WIFU, Software Testing, Reverse Engineering

Open Source Projects research and contribution:

Hall Of Fame:

Thulasi Veggalam
Chennai (Nellore)
 3+ Years of Hand-on experience in Software Design & Development

Himanshu Sharma
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
 Experience of around 2 years in Embedded Software Development, I am currently working as a Android Kernel Engineer in Borqs India. I had worked as a Wi-Fi developer in Qualcomm and possess considerable amount of exposure to Power Line Communication firmware. Have worked on Chipset’s integrating PLC & WiFi together and have a basic exposure to OpenWrt.

Saravanan Muthu
LinkedinSend eMail
 Linux system programming, IFE(In Flight Entertainment) and Bio-informatics expert having 12+ years Industry experience.

Thumu Ramakrishna
Chennai (Vijayawada)
 VVDN Technologies, Chennai ↗ as an embedded software engineer

Rahul Shrivastava
 Senior Datacom and systems Software Engineer having 5+ years industry experience. Hands on expert in TCP, Layer 2, Layer 3, OSPF, BGP, ISIS, Multicast, IGMP, Forwarding plane, Socket Programming, Kernel Programming, Distribution System, Operating Systems, Linux,Embedded Systems, Linux Kernel, Data Structures, Algorithms, Multithreading, Threads, IPC, Design Patterns, C, C++, Assembly

Bharath Thiruveedula*

 Development Engineer, Openstack expert.

Sachidananda Sahu
 Senior Software Engineer, Radisys India Pvt Ltd having 4+ years industry experience in LTE Architecture and Protocol Stack, L3 ( RRC, X2AP, S1AP and Self Organizational Network (SON)) and Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage on LTE Network.

Anbarasan Ganesan
 2.5+ years of experience in WLAN Device Driver Development and 2+ years of experience in Software Development. Had developed software for ARM micro-controllers. And I have been working in WLAN device driver development and debugging.

Akash Satish Phalak
 Embedded Systems software developer having 3+ years industry experience.

Mohit Kumar Rajain
 Network Security Expert


Velmurugan Ramalingam
 Experienced RD Project Manager, Systems software, Wireless Networking and RTOS expert


Ramin Farajpour Cami
 Senior Cyber Security Researcher, EDG (Engineering Development Group) of CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence).


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