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CPU ID [9] :: CPU Details: Intel Core i7-6700K

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TrueBench - a benchmarking tool for product architects, OEM product manufacturers, CEOs/CTOs to evaluate a specific hardware platform (such as a CPU/SoC) for design and manufacture of a commercial product.

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TrueBench CPU Benchmark score (lesser µ secs is better)
Intel Core i7-6700K
Intel Core i7-7500U
Processing Cores4 [8 Threads]
Frequency4.00 GHz [4.20 GHz Turbo]
Cache8 MB SmartCache
Lithography/Architecture14 nm
Compatible Motherboard(s)H110 (Intel® GL82H110 PCH)
B150 (Intel® GL82B150 PCH)
Q150 (Intel® GL82Q150 PCH)
H170 (Intel® GL82H170 PCH)
Q170 (Intel® GL82Q170 PCH)
Z170 (Intel® GL82Z170 PCH)
CPU TypeDesktop
HW InstalledEnthusiast PC build, Gaming
Gaming Laptop: PC Specialist Vortex VI Laptop Review (6700K/GTX1080 SLI) from KitGuru
Gaming Laptop: ORIGIN PC EON17-X Pro
Gaming Laptop: ORIGIN PC EON17-X 10 SERIES

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PCSpecialist Vortex VI Laptop Review (6700k, SLI GTX1080) from KitGuru.


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