The TOFFEE Project
The TOFFEE Project

TOFFEE/TOFFEE-DataCenter - Paid Support/Consultation - FAQ

Before you reach me regarding TOFFEE/TOFFEE-DataCenter, here is a quick check-list and FAQ:

  • like I mentioned in many videos: TOFFEE-DataCenter, I currently support only as a part of paid consultation that too for large OEMs/manufacturers and other infrastructure (ISP/SD-WAN/CDN, etc) providers.

  • TOFFEE/TOFFEE-DataCenter is not a product. It is a project coupled by a decade of research and the eco-system.

  • I am not a salesman nor I represent/sell some product. I am an expert, researcher, architect and consultant who can assist you in areas (listed above) of my capabilities. But most importantly network data (WAN) acceleration and optimization.

  • How active is the community is on this project? Are you the only contributor? Is it still an active project? (its a question I got from someone)
    >> I am not interested in a community project. Although earlier when I started TrafficSqueezer, I desired to build a community. The problem with a community is that they often lose the focus. Everyone will have their opinion. The focus will be more on managing human resources (a community in this case) rather than achieving anything serious research and productive outcome. There are so many open-source projects which are active and thriving at one point of time, but eventually, they lose interest and becomes defunct. Although Linux Kernel project is one exception. So eventually I choose to stay independent, focused and drive it myself the way I want.

    >> yes, of course, it is an active project. Hope you can see constant action and updates.

  • How TOFFEE/TOFFEE-DataCenter is different than Riverbed/Silver-Peak WAN Optimization?
    Advantages of TOFFEE/TOFFEE-DataCenter vs Riverbed/Silver-Peak WAN Optimization?
    >> for all such FAQs, kindly watch fully (without skipping) my lengthy youtube video:
    Watch Video: 301 - Riverbed and Silver Peak WAN Optimization vs TOFFEE-DataCenter (TOFFEE and or TrafficSqueezer) - FAQ

    * Click the image above to watch this video on Youtube ↗

  • OEM/Vendors: Can you spend some time and help me arrange for a demo in our infrastructure before I/we pay/authorize for your consultation?
    Because we need to assess whether it fits in our infrastructure and our needs, etc.
    >> A big NO. Once again I am not a sales man and the reason: Russian old folk tale - The Little Red Hen. WAN Optimization research is extremely time consuming, expensive and yet creative stuff. You can do network optimization in million ways. So far I tried is to build my own rocket (TOFFEE or TrafficSqueezer whatever I call it) which can get into space in my backyard. It doesn't matter its a Rocket made by NASA or SpaceX or by me, a rocket is a rocket. It is complicated and an expensive thing. Similarly the WAN Optimization tech too. It is open-source, so naturally you don't have to pay for per-device license fee, etc. But instead you are paying me for my time, support and assistance.

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💎 TOFFEE-MOCHA new bootable ISO: Download
💎 TOFFEE Data-Center Big picture and Overview: Download PDF

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