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Research :: Network MTU research and optimization of WAN Links

Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 04-Nov-2017

Download/watch this video - 265 Network MTU research and optimization of WAN Links

Wiki Interpacket gap -
Seagate - Transition to Advanced Format 4K Sector Hard Drives -
Research :: My Lab HDD and SSD logs for research -

Suggested Topics:

WAN Optimization and Network Optimization
Network Packet Queue or Buffer - Packet Flow Control, Fragmentation and MTU
Network MTU research and optimization of WAN Links
Network Latency in WAN Networks and performance optimization
Optimization of network data (WAN Optimization) at various levels
INDEX :: Content Delivery Networks or Content Distribution Networks (CDN)
Communication data network standards and data transfer speeds :: Chart
A study on WAN Optimization Techniques
WAN Optimization iPhone and Android - Mobile App
My sample Wireshark packet capture files for research
Live demo - Data Transfer - High bandwidth to Low bandwidth
A study on Deep Space Networks (DSN)


Recommended Topics:

SD-WAN Last Mile Connectivity challenge:
Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a new innovative way to provide optimal application performance by redefining branch office networking. Unlike traditional expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS, etc., SD-WAN delivers increased network performance and cost reduction. SD-WAN solution decouple network software services from the underlying hardware via software abstraction.
TOFFEE-DataCenter WAN Optimization deployment in SD-WAN Applications

SD-WAN Infrastructure using TOFFEE-DataCenter as one of its building components:
TOFFEE-DataCenter WAN Optimization within SD-WAN Infrastructure

MySQL Database Network Data - WAN Acceleration:

Skype VOIP Data - WAN Acceleration:
  > reduce/eliminate Jitter
  > no more call drops
  > accelerate any VOIP (including long-distance Skype calls)

Hardware Compression and Decompression Accelerator Cards:
TOFFEE Architecture with Compression and Decompression Accelerator Card

Learn Linux Systems Software and Kernel Programming:
Linux, Kernel, Networking and Systems-Software online classes [CDN]

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