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Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 22-Dec-2017

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典型设置(对于DIY用户,SOHO等): 假设您有两个站点(如Site-A和Site-B)通过慢速/关键WAN链路连接,如下所示。 您可以通过节省带宽并可能提高速度来优化此链路。 但是,只有WAN链路速度低于TOFFEE安装硬件的处理延迟时间,才能优化WAN速度。 假设你的广域网链路是12Mbps,假设树莓派的最大广域网优化速度/容量是20Mbps, 那么你的链接也将获得速度优化。 在另一种情况下,假设您的广域网链路是50Mbps, 那么使用Raspberry Pi作为WAN优化设备实际上会增加延迟(即减慢WAN链路)。 但在所有情况下,无论WAN链路速度如何,带宽节省都应该是相同的。 换句话说,如果您想通过此WAN优化设置来降低WAN链路成本, 你总是可以得到它,因为几乎所有情况下(包括加密和预压缩的数据)都会降低整体带宽。
有关TOFFEE安装硬件的更多信息,请参阅: TOFFEE硬件选择指南



  • 使用VPN设备部署TOFFEE(和/或TOFFEE-DataCenter): 这里
  • 使用Web代理缓存部署TOFFEE(和TOFFEE-DataCenter): 这里
  • TOFFEE-DataCenter适用于数据中心应用程序的TOFFEE变体: 这里
  • TOFFEE-DataCenter作为NFV的VNF: 这里
  • 大型基础架构和ISP网络中的TOFFEE(和TOFFEE-DataCenter)部署: 这里
  • TOFFEE(和TOFFEE-DataCenter)优化卫星(机上/海上/国防)ISP网络: 这里
  • TOFFEE(和TOFFEE-DataCenter)优化的移动无线回程网络: 这里
  • TOFFEE(或TOFFEE-DataCenter)优化的无线Mesh网络 - B.A.T.M.A.N [ Mesh)]: 这里
  • 带GlusterFS存储集群的TOFFEE-DataCenter: 这里
  • TOFFEE大数据分析中的数据中心广域网优化部署: 这里
  • TOFFEE数据中心优化物联网(IoT)平台: 这里
  • TOFFEE-Butterscotch为家庭/ SOHO Internet / WAN带宽TOFFEE: 这里

使用TOFFEE-DataCenter进行数据包优化 [CDN]


TOFFEE - 广域网优化

TOFFEE-DataCenter - WAN Optimization ↗

TOFFEE - WAN Optimization ↗

TOFFEE-Mocha - WAN Emulator ↗

TOFFEE-Butterscotch - Save and Optimize your Internet/WAN bandwidth ↗

💎 TOFFEE-MOCHA new bootable ISO: Download
💎 TOFFEE Data-Center Big picture and Overview: Download PDF


Network Latency and Bandwidth Assessment - for Network Admins and Infrastructure Architects ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TEST CASES :: TEST RESULTS :: Raspberry Pi WAN Emulator TOFFEE-Mocha-1.0.14-1-rpi2 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TOFFEE-Mocha WAN emulator Lab deployment and topology guide ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TOFFEE-Mocha - WAN Emulator :: TOFFEE-MOCHA-2.0.3-0-10-nov-2018-x86-64.iso ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Download TOFFEE-MOCHA-2.0.3-0-10-nov-2018-x86-64.iso via Google Drive share: Live bootable x86-64 Debian Stretch 9.5 with light-weight LXDE UI ISO (includes source-code): TOFFEE-MOCHA-2.0.3-0-10-nov-2018-x86-64.iso You can find the source tar-ball in the /root folder. To know more about the project kindly refer TOFFEE- Mocha: News and Updates - Documentation. To know more about current specific release, objectives, features, release notes/updates, quick demo and future road-map, you can watch my video below.

TOFFEE-DataCenter :: Optimized ISP backbone networks for countries with slowest Internet Speed ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Detect and Monitor Failing Harddrive in Linux - My Seagate 500GB HDD Died ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
My 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM hard-drive suddenly started making mild clicking noise. I found this happening since morning. I was suspicious that something wrong in this drive and when I opened the Linux Disks app, I can find the cause of this issue. The disk is increasingly getting read errors. Besides I can see various other parameters such as Power-On Hours, Temperature, Head flying hours, etc.

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TOFFEE-DataCenter a TOFFEE variant for Data Center applications ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Timelapse Screen Capture of TOFFEE-DataCenter Network Acceleration - with new RRDtool graph support ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Timelapse Screen Capture of TOFFEE-DataCenter Network Acceleration - with new RRDtool graph support

TOFFEE DataCenter WAN Optimization - Google Hangouts demo and VOIP Optimization ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
TOFFEE DataCenter WAN Optimization - Google Hangouts demo and VOIP Optimization

WAN Optimization iPhone and Android - Mobile App ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Featured Educational Video:
在YouTube上观看 - [88//1] B.E and M.E Final Year Projects - Form your Team ↗

Tweaking Network Latency - Live Demo - via TOFFEE-DataCenter ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TOFFEE-Mocha Documentation :: TOFFEE-Mocha-1.0.32-1-x86_64 and TOFFEE-Mocha-1.0.32-1-i386 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TOFFEE-Mocha Documentation :: TOFFEE-Mocha-1.0.14-1-rpi2 - Raspberry Pi WAN Emulator ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TOFFEE Documentation :: TOFFEE-1.1.24-3-rpi2 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Here is my VLOG Youtube video of the same which includes details about version release notes, future road-map and so on. The TOFFEE release is highly optimized and customized for hardware platforms such as x86-64 based Intel NUC and other Intel mobile computing platforms such as laptops and so on. This version (or release) is not suited and so not recommended to be used for high-end desktop and server hardware platform.

A study on WAN Optimization Techniques ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
There are various techniques with which one can optimize their WAN Network Data. Any long distance communication can be considered as WAN Network. A decade ago any network connecting two countries, considered as a WAN network, and a network within a city as MAN and soon. But these days in general any long distance communication is considered as WAN Network. Such as your Mobile communication networks, Satellite networks, Space Networks (Deep space networks), Trans-Atlantic cable networks, etc.

Research :: Optimization of network data (WAN Optimization) at various levels:
Network File level network data WAN Optimization

Learn Linux Systems Software and Kernel Programming:
Linux, Kernel, Networking and Systems-Software online classes [CDN]

Hardware Compression and Decompression Accelerator Cards:
TOFFEE Architecture with Compression and Decompression Accelerator Card [CDN]

TOFFEE-DataCenter on a Dell Server - Intel Xeon E5645 CPU:
TOFFEE-DataCenter screenshots on a Dual CPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5645 @ 2.40GHz - Dell Server