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Boost your Satellite Internet speed and quota with TOFFEE

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  • TOFFEE - 广域网优化
  • TOFFEE-DataCenter - 服务器和数据中心广域网优化
  • TOFFEE-Mocha - WAN模拟器
  • TOFFEE-Fudge - 网络包发生器
  • TOFFEE-Butterscotch - 保存并优化您的Internet / WAN带宽
  • TOFFEE-SoftServer - 预安装和预先定制的软件虚拟机,用于一般性,研究和生产用途
  • TrueBench - 多平台硬件/ CPU基准测试
  • The Linux Channel - Linux和开源研究视频频道
  • The FreeBSD Channel - FreeBSD和Open-Source研究视频频道

理解TOFFEE项目 - 生态系统和全景图:
在你探索相同之前,这里是整个TOFFEE项目的生态系统。 主要目标是在各种情况下通过各种手段实现网络优化(实际使用情况),然而,与其他开源项目不同的是,TOFFEE项目 不只是一个项目/源代码。 它有着广阔的眼光和长期的重点。 它是整个生态系统,包括各种组件,如研究,所需的工具(有些是自制的像TOFFEE-Mocha),学习/教育, 等等。 在这个强大的平台之上,最终的单个组件如下:TOFFEE,TOFFEE-DataCenter等。 “TOFFEE项目”一词实际上是指这一愿景,生态系统和全景图。

TOFFEE项目 - 生态系统


例如,典型的TOFFEE设置:详细了解: TOFFEE广域网优化部署

TOFFEE DataCenter
TOFFEE-DataCenter是面向数据中心,服务器,HPC,负载平衡,集群/云计算和SDN部署的新TOFFEE变体。 借助TOFFEE-DataCenter(和TOFFEE),OEM和其他设备供应商可以利用此平台/堆栈,集成,移植和构建WAN优化 设备/设备到他们现有的产品系列。 或者通过相同的方式构建专用的WAN优化硬件产品系列。

学习更多关于: TOFFEE-DataCenter Server and Data-Center WAN Optimization
TOFFEE-DataCenter: Supported features

TOFFEE / TOFFEE-DataCenter的优势:

  • 无限的TCP会话
  • 优化TCP-Header,UDP-Header(IP Header未触及无缝的端到端数据包路由)
  • 使现有的VPN性能更快:TOFFEE防止由于额外的报头和加密(超出MTU)而导致的VPN数据包碎片,
  • 支持IPv4和IPv6
  • 无损分组压缩
  • 包重复数据删除
  • 特定于应用程序的优化:HTTP,SSL,FTP,Skype,谷歌环聊,DNS,VNC,TeamViewer,MySQL,CIFS,SIP,RTP / RTCP,SMTP,POP等。
  • 无状态包处理
  • 扩展为支持硬件包处理以及基于硬件的无损压缩(加速卡)
  • 优化直播数据流(如VoIP,Podcast,Radio,Live TV),这些数据无法通过任何现有的文件缓存解决方案进行优化

TrueBench是一个独特的开源基准测试系统,其核心系统性能和效率参数在极高分辨率 对于给定的特定任务,数百万/十亿μ秒的量级。 TrueBench是TOFFEE项目研究的一部分。 更多细节: visit TrueBench

TOFFEE Butterscotch
TOFFEE-Butterscotch是一款开源软件,可用于保存和优化您的Internet / WAN带宽。 与TOFFEE(和TOFFEE-DataCenter)不同,TOFFEE-Butterscotch是非对等(和不对称)网络优化解决方案。 这使TOFFEE-Butterscotch成为所有家庭和SOHO用户的理想工具。

TOFFEE-Mocha是一款开源广域网仿真软件,可用于模拟(模拟)WAN网络。 您可以构建测试WAN网络并模拟WAN 像TOFFEE-Mocha一样的行为,如数据包延迟,随机数据包丢弃,数据包损坏等等。 TOFFEE-Mocha也可用作在实验室建立TOFFEE WAN优化测试设置的工具。 通过TOFFEE-Mocha广域网仿真器,您可以模拟:

  • 延迟和带宽
  • 突发流量(抖动)
  • 拥塞
  • 数据包丢失

TOFFEE-Fudge是即将推出的新开源网络数据包生成器。 TOFFEE Fudge的一些目标是:

  • 简单
  • 精确
  • 可预测
  • 可重复(通过播放)

NOTE: TOFFEE-Fudge is scheduled to be released sometime around Apr/May 2018.

TOFFEE SoftServer
TOFFEE SoftServer(s)是一套预安装和预定制的软件虚拟机,用于一般性,研究和生产用途。 这些软件VM服务器可以用作定制用户应用程序,软件应用程序的标准/参考平台 可以建立和测试。 For more details: 请访问TOFFEE SoftServer

The Linux Channel
Linux频道 - 适用于高级Linux用户,系统和网络软件程序员和技术爱好者的Youtube Linux频道。


💎 TOFFEE-MOCHA new bootable ISO: Download
💎 TOFFEE Data-Center Big picture and Overview: Download PDF


Bitcoin Mining - Blockchain Technology - Network Optimization via TOFFEE Data-Center WAN Optimization ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Bitcoin Mining - Blockchain Technology - Network Optimization via TOFFEE Data-Center WAN Optimization

Benchmark Raspberry Pi and other embedded SoC with TrueBench ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
TrueBench is an unique open-source benchmarking system in which the core system performance and efficiency parameters are measured at extreme high resolution in the order of several million/billion µ-seconds for a given specific task. TrueBench is a part of The TOFFEE Project research. With TrueBench Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 2B and Raspberry Pi 2 are benchmarked and you can do a comparative analysis with standard mainstream x86 devices.

TOFFEE (and TOFFEE-DataCenter) optimized Wireless Mesh-Networks - B.A.T.M.A.N [ (Open Mesh)] ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
TOFFEE/TOFFEE-DataCenter can be used to optimize Ad-Hoc Mobile Wireless Mesh-Networks. To learn more about the same here are some references: B.A.T.M.A.N. - Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) - Wireless ad hoc network (WANET) - (Open Mesh) Wiki -

Replacing in Lab Intel Core i7 5820K Desktop PC with Intel Celeron 1037U Mini-PC ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
As a research experiment I replaced my Intel Core i7 5820K desktop PC with my Intel Celeron 1037U Mini-PC as my everyday desktop system. This is an attempt to reduce my overall monthly power consumption. As well an attempt to do feasibility tests and research to know how far Mini PC will dominate the market in future and to study the real potential of Mini PCs.

TOFFEE (and TOFFEE-DataCenter) deployment in Large Infrastructure and or ISP Networks ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Large Infrastructure or ISP setup: In case if you are an ISP and interested in deploying a large customer WAN Optimized network or an add-on enhanced (WAN Optimized) network for select few customers, then you can deploy something as shown below. Although this case is not meant for hobby/DIY users. This is a feasible solution for high-end professional application and the same can be deployed.

TOFFEE-DataCenter packet packaging feature for WAN Optimization ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

在YouTube上观看 - [858//1] 280 WAN Optimization - Animated demo of Packet Optimization in TOFFEE-DataCenter ↗

TOFFEE-Butterscotch Bandwidth saver software development - Update: 17-Nov-2016 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Here is my second software development update of TOFFEE-Butterscotch. In the previous update (28-Oct-2016) I discussed about the Alerts, etc. Whereas in my first TOFFEE-Butterscotch news update I have introduced about TOFFEE-Butterscotch research, project specifications, use-cases, etc.

Network MTU research and optimization of WAN Links ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Network MTU research and optimization of WAN Links

TCP Tune-up and Performance Analysis Graphs - Congestion Control - Research - Dos and Don'ts ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

TOFFEE-Mocha Documentation :: TOFFEE-Mocha-1.0.32-1-x86_64 and TOFFEE-Mocha-1.0.32-1-i386 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Featured Educational Video:
在YouTube上观看 - [16899//1] 294 - VRF - Virtual Routing and Forwarding - Introduction ↗

Introducing TOFFEE-Fudge - Network Packet Generator ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
TOFFEE Fudge is a simple intuitive Network Packet Generator which can be used to create custom test synthetic Network Packets and can be used in various applications such as networking research, network infrastructure troubleshooting, ethical hacking, as a network software development tool and so on.

TOFFEE-DataCenter Live Demo with Clash of Clans game data - 30-Aug-2016 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Today I have done a test setup so that I can able to connect my Android Samsung Tab via TOFFEE DataCenter. Below is my complete test topology of my setup. For demo (and research/development) context I configured TOFFEE DataCenter in engineering debug mode. So that I do not need two devices for this purpose.

TOFFEE deployment topology guide ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Assume you have two sites (such as Site-A and Site-B) connected via slow/critical WAN link as shown below. You can optimize this link by saving the bandwidth as well possibly improve the speed. However, the WAN speed can be optimized only if the WAN link speeds are below that of the processing latency of your TOFFEE installed hardware. Assume your WAN link is 12Mbps, and assume the maximum WAN optimization speed/capacity of Raspberry Pi is 20Mbps, then your link will get speed optimization too. And in another case, assume your WAN link is 50Mbps, then using the Raspberry Pi as WAN Optimization device will actually increase the latency (i.e slows the WAN link). But in all the cases the bandwidth savings should be the same irrespective of the WAN link speed. In other words, if you want to cut down the WAN link costs via this WAN Optimization set up, you can always get it since it reduces the overall bandwidth in almost all the cases (including encrypted and pre-compressed data).

Why TOFFEE is forked from TrafficSqueezer ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
TrafficSqueezer is an open-source WAN Optimization project. TrafficSqueezer is mainly a research project which is started around mid-2006. It is initially started as a research (or prototype) code even before it is officially registered in But this code is just primitive user-space raw socket modules. This is later refined and a pre-alpha version is created. Followed by which Alpha release. This prototype code is moved from user-space to Linux Kernel (Kernel Space) and then the journey begin in terms of making a serious WAN Optimization solution. Once the pre-beta and beta releases are complete the mainstream series is started.

在YouTube上观看 - [444//1] 158 VLOG - TOFFEE WAN Optimization Software Development live update - 6-Nov-2016 ↗

Building my own CDN - choosing a web-hosting to deploy my CDN - Update: 28-July-2016 ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
The TOFFEE Project website is hosted on Inmotion Hosting. And so I am looking for alternate hosting provider to build my first CDN node. My plan is to make multiple sub-domains of my website such as, and point each of this corresponding subdomain(s) to various alternative web hosting servers geographically spread across the world. Sometimes choosing the same vendor for multiple CDN nodes may result multiple servers existing in the data-center. And this becomes an issue if there is some catastrophic network disaster.

Research :: Optimization of network data (WAN Optimization) at various levels:
Network File level network data WAN Optimization

Learn Linux Systems Software and Kernel Programming:
Linux, Kernel, Networking and Systems-Software online classes [CDN]

Hardware Compression and Decompression Accelerator Cards:
TOFFEE Architecture with Compression and Decompression Accelerator Card [CDN]

TOFFEE-DataCenter on a Dell Server - Intel Xeon E5645 CPU:
TOFFEE-DataCenter screenshots on a Dual CPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5645 @ 2.40GHz - Dell Server